Not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, says Muslim activists

News Bureau –  Simran Chugh

Muslim activists from Student Islamic Organisation Of India (SIOI) are approaching youths with a request to not to celebrate Valentine day on 14th February for the country’s interest.

The activists said that the country was affected by poverty, child labour, malnourishment and similar problems, which are must to be addressed. 

Mohammad Rafey, SIOI, activist, said “As per a report over 1000 lakh valentine cards are purchased across the country  by youths who also spend huge amount on outing, gifts and eateries to celebrate February 14. If we stop observing this day then the country would save crores of rupees, which could be used in removing poverty, feeding poor and other charity purposes”.

To make people understand the issue, SIOI youth wing members distributed printed pamphlets among people specially college students and made them promise to contribute for country’s development by stopping from celebrating the V – day.

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