A 63-year-old on Wheelchair held at IGI airport for smuggling Gold

News Bureau – Simran Chugh

Two men including a wheelchair senior citizen were arrested by the Custom officials for trying to smuggle in 3.5 Kg gold bars who valued Rs 93 lakh at IGI airport on Sunday.

The Gold bars were hidden in the shorts of the wheelchair bound senior citizen. After examining the citizen, officials arrested another passenger on the same flight who was acting as a decoy and later come back to collect the luggage belonging to the wheelchair man.

Deputy commissioner of Customs Govind Garg said that, ‘’The 63-year-old passenger, a native of Puducherry, asked for a wheelchair after arriving from Dubai and wanted to get past the green channel on it. However, he was stopped for inspection and sleuths discovered gold bars concealed inside small pockets in the shorts he was wearing. He had removed the elastic band and tied it tightly around his waist so that the shorts would be able to hold the weight of the gold,” said Garg, adding that the total value of the gold seized is Rs 92.87 lakh.


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